Photo Journal


I took this image on the way to school one morning to show how bright the moon still was that morning. the sun was starting to rise as well so it made a really cool effect. I love the way the blue and the orange really set eachother off and compliment eachother very well. I also like the way the colors fade into one another and theres almost a space of white between the two.


This photo I took on my way home from work. I love how dark the sky is in the back and then it has the pink swirled through it and then the pop of orange down in the corner from the setting sun. The colors were beautiful.


This image I created for my photoshop class. It is actually the combonation of four different photos that I edited in photoshop individually then took parts from each one and put them all together. I love how all of the colors are very saturated and vibrant.


This is another photo I took on my way home from work of the sun setting. The darkness of the sky and the small pops of blue looked beautiful along with the orange color of the clouds from the sun.


This is another photo on the way home from work of the sky. The clouds were a bright pink color that was really set off by the dark blue of the sky.


This photo I took at school by the parking garage. The clouds were thick and the sun was starting to rise. It had rained that morning, so the clouds were really thick and a dark gray color, but the orange color of the sky lightened it up alot and made the sky look really cool.



About caitlinreese

Hi everyone! My name's Caitlin. I'm a sophomore, majoring in Media Arts. This is my first semester at IUPUI. I started at Ivy Tech and took last semester off, but I'm glad to be back in school now! Work is a huge part of my life, I have two part-time jobs. I work at McAlister's Deli and Victoria's Secret, and can't wait until I can put them on my former jobs list. My dream job would be to design advertisements someday. Whether it be billboards or ads in magazines. I took a two year course at the Walker Career Center for Graphic Design and Printing, and I was also part of the National Technical Honor Society at Warren Central.
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2 Responses to Photo Journal

  1. Caitlin the “Last Friday Night” image is beautiful. We’d like to use it for a fundraiser for Mardi Gras and students in New Orleans. Can we email to discuss? Great work!

    • caitlinreese says:

      Hi! I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing this! I would have loved to have let you use it! (I hope you didn’t anyway.) in the future if you ever want to use any of my photos (I will be uploading more often and actually using this) feel free to ask. I get text notifications now so I would see it right away. But thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

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